Floristry seemed a natural progression from a previous career in photojournalism,  from recording and documenting people and their habits to obsessively photographing flowers and landscapes and researching garden designers. With an increased desire to be outside armed with an appreciation for all the incredible foliage and flowers around me, I took on a work placement with The Willow Shoreditch, a tiny but very beautiful flower shop in Hoxton, my visual world got a whole lot bigger! I was hooked!

I’ve been privileged to work with some fantastic people along this early part of my journey, and have delighted in providing florals for commercials, as well as for a film premières. I’ve arranged florals for both intimate events and large scale weddings, offer bespoke local deliveries. Run floral workshops, and community projects for Chelsea Fringe, working with local schools. Regularly freelancing for other incredible floral designers. Most recently opening my first ever flower shop in Forest Hill.  


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